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Led Arm Bands

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Be Safe…Be Seen!

2 in 1 Product : Visibility and Identification

  • Visibility: LED light activated by a CR2032V battery.
  • Identification: Using a permanent marker, write your vital info on a waterproof strip
    • Your name
    • Name of your contacts and their phone numbers
    • Allergies
    • Medical conditions, medication
    • Blood type.
    • Write the information that is important for you!
  • Easy to wear, light and flexible.Wear it on your arm!
  • Waterproof product, you can practice your sport in the rain!

Ideal for runners, cyclists, people doing trekking or just going for a night walk!

Properties  :

  • 2 modes : steady light or flashing light. You decide by pressing a button on the bracelet
  • The bracelet is made of waterproof fabric
  • 2 waterproof strips are included with each product
  • With its large elastic, it adapts to your different clothing (winter jacket, rain coat, etc..)
  • Batteries are included and will last around 70 hours .Afterwards, you
    replace them with1 CR2032V battery
  • Available in 4 colors : yellow(green) , pink , orange and red.