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What is Led ID Band

Our mission WHO AM I? Our company name explains clearly and simply what is our mission. We offer products that provides an EASY ACCESS to VITAL INFORMATION in case of emergencies. If something happens to you….we want that the person who will assist you will know exactly what to do or say at the 911 emergency services. We also want to prevent accidents by giving more visibility (with some of our products) to everybody doing their activities at night providing them in this case two things: BE KNOWN, BE SEEN! Our products These ID bracelet and ID Bands contain the MOST INFORMATION . You can choose what you want to write on them. Your name, contact names and phone numbers, your blood type, allergies, medical info, and more…What you need to do is to write on the WATERPROOF strip using a ultra-fine SHARPIE. We also wanted something that is HANDY, so, we use the SLAP BRACELET. You can wear it on your wrist, arm, ankle or even add it enrolled at the handle of your backpack or anywhere on your bike. Our LED ID BAND products provide also VISIBILITY during the DAY with the florescent colors and at NIGHT with the LED technology and the REFLECTIVE designs. There is a battery in each band , which is easy to change when it fades out. All you have to do, is write your personal infos and…. JUST SLAP’N GO!